Testimony 3: Mortezah from Iran – A transformed lifeBy The Publishers · 3 min read
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Mortezah’s Testimony – Read by Steve

  1. What was your life like before you met Jesus?

Before I met Jesus, my life was full of lies and deception.  I used to lie a lot and had a hardened heart.  I used to think only about myself and didn’t help anyone else.

I was also a victim of other people’s lies and I was deceived by them.  I had hardly seen goodness or kindness in my life before I met Jesus.

  1. How did you meet Jesus?

When I was in Iran, I started seeking Jesus Christ and was looking into the claims of Christianity.   One day it occurred to me that if Christianity is real, I too can ask for a sign as a proof.  Therefore, I said to God: “If you are real, please give me a sign.”  That very night before going to bed I read the Bible a bit and I dreamt the following dream:

“My sister and I were somewhere and we were facing someone.  Somehow, I knew my sister was a sinner.  I started to ask the person in front of us to forgive my sister.  In my dream, I continued to plead with the person to forgive my sister; to the point where I started to cry and beg that person to forgive my sister’s sins.”

At this point I snapped out of sleep, startled!!  I noticed that I was reaaaaally crying and my face was all wet.  I was shaking all over and I knew this dream was no coincidence because that very night I had been asking to see if Jesus is really real or not!!  I had read in the Bible that Jesus shed His blood for the forgiveness of our sins.  From that night onwards I believed in Jesus Christ as my saviour.

  1. How has Jesus changed your life?

I have learned to love others.  I now believe & have understood that because of Jesus’ death on the cross for me, all my sins have been forgiven and I have been given a new life.  I have changed a lot!

I have sooooo much joy and love.   Jesus has changed my behaviour towards my family – especially my relationship with my wife.  To the point where my wife said:  “Ever since you have become a believer in Jesus, you have become a different person!!”  I now only show my wife pure and genuine love instead of having arguments.  I have acknowledged that most of the arguments were my fault and many times a day I used to ask my wife to forgive me.

Before my conversion, I used to visit my parents once or twice a year.  If my mother wanted my help, I used to make excuses so as not to do the task.  My mother used to cry, saying: “you do not love us anymore.”  After my conversion, I now respect my parents and visit them daily!!   Before my departure from Iran, my mother was very happy & said:  “Beforehand you never visited us and now you visit us once or even twice a day!!!!”

  1. Why do you want to get baptised?

I want to get baptised because Jesus has told us to believe in Him & be baptised.

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