4 Steps from Existence to Fulfilled LifeBy The Publishers · < 1 min read

The world has become an increasingly difficult place to live in. Many people struggle to survive in the chaos of their circumstances. Traumas have contributed to mental illnesses, lack of trust and a loss of hope. Some people think they are “being punished” for having made wrong decisions, or for having done wrong things in the past.

These 4 steps leading from mere existence to a fulfilled life are based on the Judeo-Christian world view found in the Bible. Here are two reasons why you would want to read about them:

  1. The introduction resonates with you, describing a big part of your situation.
  2. The God who reveals himself is the creator and maintainer of an expanding universe with billions of galaxies, averaging an estimated 100 million stars each. If anyone knows about our situation, can guide us and should be listened to, it is Him.

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