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Why would you want to know about the crowning ceremony:

It will open a window into history. The centre piece of the celebration will show you that much of what you like about living in the UK and the West is based on the Christian faith. Even though numerous people do currently not practice Christianity, we still benefit from many of its fruits, such as the dignity of humans, hospitals, hospices, schools, the development of science and much more. Dr Noah J Efron writes about the last specific example:

Generations of historians and sociologists have discovered many ways in which Christians, Christian beliefs and Christian institutions played crucial roles in fashioning the tenets, methods and institutions of what in time became modern science. They found that some forms of Christianity provided the motivation to study nature systematically.”1

Historians also agree that the beginning of Europe and its development cannot be understood apart from Christianity. . .

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1 “Galileo goes to Jail, and Other Myths of Science and Religion”, Harvard University Press, 2010. Edited by Ronald. L. Numbers. Page 80)