From Serpent to Saviour – Good News for Yezidis and othersBy The Publishers · < 1 min read

From Serpent to Saviour – Good News for Yezidis and others

By Roland Clarke

Sixty years ago Don Richardson posted a milestone in modern missions by preaching the good news using Peace Child as a ritual that rang true among remote tribes in Papua New Guinea. He anchored the gospel in their worldview using images that resonated with their experience. As Christ’s witnesses, we should be keeping our eyes and ears open for redemptive analogies in our own communities and families, being diligent and intentional to communicate the gospel not just in the vocabulary and grammar of the people around us, but in words and images that speak to their hearts. (adapted from World Christian Resources Directory) An example is the imagery or symbolism of serpent.

The article Serpent to Savior applies the strategic principle of redemptive analogy to serpents. On the one hand, it is especially relevant to Yezidi people and other snake cults, however, these insights also have profound global relevance.

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