THE CHRISTIAN STORY – Why you should wish it was trueBy The Publishers · < 1 min read
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Why you should wish it was true

Everyone generally shares the same desire for a life of happiness.

Besides superficial wishes for a job, money, a car, etc. we strive intensely for happiness consisting of, a) relationships, b) goodness, c) beauty and d) freedom. We often choose to live according to our fundamental desires, rather than our beliefs. To avoid tension and hypocrisy, both areas need to be brought into agreement with each other.

Philosopher and apologist Prof Greg Ganssle convincingly argues in his book, “Our deepest desires.”[i] that the Christian story explains and fulfils our common human ambitions at the core of our existence far better than any other faith or none. 

In other words, unlike the common way of demonstrating by reason that the Christian story is true, his goal is for people to realise that they want it to be true because it totally resonates with their deepest longings. This author has summarised Ganssle’s arguments and expanded it below, to include a comparison with Islam:

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[i] It is highly recommends that you buy that book for an indepth study:



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