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Easter and Islam

Crucial Cross Conversation

The main point of Easter is remembering the death and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. These world changing events are confirmed by the following overwhelming evidence:

  • They are mentioned by oral tradition from eye witnesses, dated not later than three years after the crucifixion.                     
  •  They were written down within about 20 years of the actual events.
  • They were foretold by many prophecies in the Torah hundreds of years before their fulfilment.   
  • They were mentioned by early, non Christian historians in their writings found outside the Bible.                                                     
  • They are the main reason why the movement of followers of Jesus survived and thrived the first 300 years.              
  • They are the main reason countless people give why their lives are being totally changed for the good. 
  • They are incredible! Why would anybody have made them up and how?

Therefore it comes as a huge surprise to find only one unclear verse in the Quran, written about 700 years after the actual events, that apparently denies the death of Jesus! Moreover, it contains other verses that seemingly confirm it.

Read on to find detailed proof and references for the seven pieces of evidence and the statements regarding the Quran.

Why did Jesus have to die and raise again to life?

This is arguably one of the most important questions. The answer can only begin to be understood by the one to whom God reveals the absolutely dreadful seriousness of sin. God’s devastating verdict about sin begins to make sense only in light of His revealed Holiness, and Love and the definitions for sin and salvation given in the Bible. However, as can be seen in the article, Islam describe them in a radically different way. Muslims need to urgently ask themselves: “Why is the Quran poles apart from the united testimony in the Torah, Zabur and Injil about these crucial concepts?”

Furthermore, the article will also address these Muslim objections in detail:

  • Sacrifices for sin were abrogated in the Quran
  • Sin cannot be transferred to another
  • The Bible has been changed

Read on here:

Easter and Islam


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