Covid_19 – How to Prepare for Next WaveBy The Publishers · 2 min read


Numerous countries were forced to bring back localised Corona Virus quarantines or widespread shutdowns. Scientists believe another pandemic of a different kind will happen during our lifetime. Whatever you think about the measures the world has taken to fight the virus, you could still be the next victim. Are you prepared?

A doctor said:

“. . .  I long that these patients, whose respiratory systems are being decimated, have spent some time asking themselves spiritual questions before they’re wheeled through the doors of an ITU. As at this stage, it’s often too late.”

Get prepared by taking a spiritual health check:[i]

Question 1: Are you in control of tomorrow?

Yes No

Question 2:  How would you describe your life?

Stable, Strong, Long Uncertain, Frail, Short

Question 3:
Are many things gifts from a higher power?

Yes No

Question 4: What do you do now?

Despair Believe

Check for the correct answers here: Covid 19 How to prepare for next wave

This tract can be downloaded and freely re-printed  as a brochure here: Broschure UK


[i] The publisher is heavily indebted to Rico Tice, associate minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, UK. He introduced the original spiritual health check here: All words spoken by Rico Tice, including the Bible references, are in italics cursive font throughout this article.