Testimony 6: Former Muslim from Morocco – Finding peace in the words of ChristBy The Publishers ยท 2 min read

A true story by John Lucas (pseudonym of a Christian from a Muslim background, living in Morocco).

Date of writing: July 2023

I’ve read the Koran and found it full of twisted disturbing content. The prophet was the worst thing that happened to humanity. He he was a slave master, a liar, a paedophile and a thief. Slavery is legal in Islam. Furthermore, there is a verse in the Quran, allowing men to beat their wives. Effectively that means, Islam supports and protects wife beaters and domestic abusers.

The prophet married a 6-year-old child. That’s a crime against humanity. Muhammad also used an army to intimidate people into following him. Under his banner a lot of innocent people were killed because they refused to obey him. I’ve read both, Quran and Hadith. The more I learnt about his life, the more I got disgusted and felt ashamed to continue being a Muslim.

It was intimidating to leave because of Jahannam, (the threat of hell), and the Islamic laws against apostasy. Finally, the truth has set me free. After I watched movies about the life of Jesus and read the bible to compare it with Islam, I realised, Jesus:

-never killed anyone.

-never used an army.

-never stole from anyone.

-never asked people to hate others.

-only uses love and asks us to love even our enemies and pray for them.

-gave life to people, healed and fed them.

-sacrificed himself so that we could live.

I came to believe in Jesus and try to imitate him in my daily life. He is our savior and shield against evil. It’s destined for us to be the sons of God and to unite with the light of creation through him.

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