Scientific Evidence For Life After DeathBy The Publishers · 2 min read

This 6 page article is based on an interview with Dr Gary Habermas.[i]

Some quotes from the ground breaking book, “The science of near-death experiences”[i] by John C Hagan, III, 2017, published by prestigious University of Missouri Press are added. Hagan, a medical doctor, edited this book, containing 10 chapters written by 10 medical doctors:

“Between 9 to 20 million Americans have had near-death experiences” (NDE).

 “The time is ripe for an innovative rational inquiry into the biggest question of human existence. This book, the first compiled by a respected, main stream, peer reviewed medical journal, is a bold step into that direction.” From Foreword by Raymond Moody MD, PhD  

“…a multi article, (world first) peer reviewed scientific study of NDEs by physicians and other scientists . . . “

 “With one exception NDEs may be interpreted as unusual forms of hallucinations, associated with the injured and dying brain. The exception involves perceptions described from vantage points outside the body that are later confirmed to be correct and could not have been inferred. Over a century of laboratory studies have investigated whether it is possible in principle for the mind to transcend the physical boundaries of the brain. The cumulative, experiential database strongly indicates that it can. It is not clear that this finding implies the mind is separate from the brain but it does suggest that a comprehensive explanation for NDEs will require revisions to present scientific assumptions about the brain-mind relationship.”

 “Van Lommel (MD) is the first in our series to raise the subject of non-local consciousness as a necessity to scientifically explain many of the currently puzzling phenomena of NDEs.”

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