Ahmadiyya beliefs about Quran questionedBy The Publishers · < 1 min read

“A prerequisite for any constructive dialogue is that both communities should not learn about each other through sources that are unsympathetic, critical, or even hostile: they should rather try to formulate an honest idea as to how the other faith is seen in its own authentic scriptures and as practiced by those who are truly committed to it.”[1]

The team at ChristianityExplained.net unanimously agrees with Dr Jamal Badawi’s view on how Christians and Muslims should relate with each other. Therefore, the following questions are directed to Ahmadiyya Muslims and based on quotes made by their own leaders, the Quran and the hadith. It is hoped that these questions and future answers given in response to them will contribute towards a better understanding between the two communities.

[1] Jamal Badawi and Harry Almond, Bridgebuilding Between Christian and Muslim (Newberg, Ore.: Barclay Press, 1982), 1-2.

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