Testimony 2: Mustafa from Iran – My journey from darkness into lightBy The Publishers · 4 min read
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Mustafa’s Testimony – Read by James (the elder!)

  1. What was your life like before you met Jesus?

If I were to briefly describe my life before I met Jesus, I would say that I have journeyed from darkness to light.  My only regret is that I have come to know Christ at the age of 38 because I have lived in darkness and hurt before then.

I grew up in the Sharia law and obviously I lived my life in the way Islam taught me to live.  Islam is a religion full of anger, strife, wrath of God and full of insecurities and I lived in such a way also!

I used to pray but, in another language, (i.e. Arabic), because it seemed that Allah only understood Arabic!!  I used to pray in Arabic without understanding what I was saying and without really knowing what I was asking God for!!  I could not talk to God in a natural & simple way.

In Islam, instead of giving people aspirations for the future and hope of better days; they filled our minds with the Wrath of God (Allah) and Allah’s unkind works.

I used to lie because my religious leaders used to lie.

I was not kind to others because my religious leaders were not kind people.

I did not forgive others because those who I believed in (my religious leaders) did not forgive.

I was starving through lack of genuine love, even though I had my wife and two kids.

I want to thank my friend Hamid; through whom I came out of these religious meetings.

If I were to explain more, I could speak more than a month!

  1.  How did you meet Jesus?

About eleven months ago, I completely left Islam & forever severed my connections with it.  Through the positive witness of my friend who had become a Christian a year before me; I was keen to attend the temporary house churches that are set up in Iran.


For seven months I was in Iran and I used to secretly read my Bible & I learned sooooo much from the love, kindness and friendship Jesus was showing in His life.  Little by little, Jesus’ lifestyle started to change my life significantly.  I felt that my heart was a lot lighter and I am taking life much easier.

After a while I felt in my heart that the people I used to hate, I now do not mind them anymore.

I felt that I wanted to tell the truth at all times.  I have accompanied my friend to collect goodies for the poor and destitute in Iran.

My relationship with my parents & my close family has improved and I am soooo much closer to them now – whereas before I was not like this at all.

One day as I was contemplating and scrutinised my own actions & I acknowledged that something or someone is directing me and taking me to a better direction.  This sense of being guided grew stronger and stronger within me to the point where my own family was astonished as to how much I have changed.

Words fail me to express the full sensation I have felt. I was living in Tehran when my security and safety was jeopardised – I asked Jesus for help.  I believe this was the very first time I was seriously asking Jesus to help me.  I asked him to take me to a place where I can worship Him freely and can be free to think.

Now that I am in the UK, I see this as a precious gift of His grace from Jesus. After praying with James (three weeks ago), I really believe in my heart that I love Jesus.  I want to obey Jesus’ commandments – that is why I am getting baptised today.  I daily ask Jesus to continue to change me and make me a better person.

  1. How has Jesus changed your life?

When I first became a believer in Christ, because I was in Iran, I could not easily study effectively about Christianity, because we did not have regular meetings.

Whenever I did something positive for someone or helped someone, before I could think about the good deed – exactly the same good and kind event would occur to me.

I used to only concentrate on Jesus’ wishes (commandments) which were overflowing with God’s goodness and hope.  This goodness and hope, entered my family and caused me to have such an incredible peace that I had never experienced before in my life.

The fact that I find myself among you dear ones, is a miracle in its own right – because I asked him for a safe place to worship and He has provided such a place for me.

 Why do you want to get baptised?

Ever since I have arrived in the UK, as much as I could – I have attended any and every religious meeting!!  I can honestly say that in the last 25 days that I have been in this church, I have learned more than the 7 months I was in Iran. I have understood that I have received Jesus into my heart.  I have also understood Jesus’ commandment that I should get baptized (Matthew 28:19-20), I am getting baptized so that all the darkness in my life prior is washed away and I enter my new life in Christ pure and in right standing with God.

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